Fet Tester

BK 162 Transistor/FET Tester

The BK 162 Transistor/FET tester has the ability to completely characterize the devises. Large front panel meter offers well-defined indication of transistor or FET gain plus leakage. Variable beta calibration level is offered and a beta scale for matching transistors plus FETs. Matching is completed NPN-NPN or NPN-PNP. Useful for choosing paired pairs for fine tuning class A/B output amplifiers. Likewise, N plus P channel FETs is Gm paired N-N plus N-P.

Functions Available


Gm MatchingBETA Matching

Gm MeasureBETA Measure

GATE 1 MeasureICBO Measure

GATE 2 Measure

IGSS MeasureICES Measure

IDSS MeasureICEO Measure

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AvailabilityIn Stock

FunctionalityFully Functional





CalibrationCalibration Not Required for many applications.


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